Actress / Playwright / Voice Over Talent

Born in Rome, Ms Magni graduated from the Acting School of the Teatro Stabile di Genova in 1993.

She has performed in major Italian theatres since, directed, among others, by Giorgio Albertazzi, Alfredo Arias, Antonio Calenda, Sergio Fantoni, Elio Germano, Katie Mitchell, Barbara Nativi, Cristina Pezzoli and Marco Sciaccaluga, switching between brilliant and dramatic roles, from classical to contemporary plays.

She performs not only in theatre but also on television (Il Paradiso delle Signore, L’Allieva, Il Cacciatore, Storia di Laura, Carabinieri, Colpi di sole, Beautiful) and in movies (The Old Guard 2, Io sono Babbo Natale, L’Ordine delle Cose, Giulia non esce la sera, The International, Heaven, My little family).

In 2020 she is among the leads in Così è (o mi pare), a virtual reality production directed by and starring Elio Germano. In 2021 she plays the role of the Nanny in Romeo and Juliet and in 2022 she is Melissa in Harold Pinter’s Party Time.

She lived in Los Angeles for seven years, where she continued to study and work, acquiring an excellent pronunciation and proficiency in English (IELTS 8 overall score), as well as SAG and AFTRA membership.



From her earliest works, through her long experience in theater, up to cinema and television.


Written for herself or for others, the ironic-edged plays centered on important issues.

V.O. Talent

Speaker, voice actor and voice over talent, with experience in both Italian and English..


Natalia’s first steps into the world of show business date back to her teenage years when, in order to be on stage, she gave up evenings with friends.

After her first studies in Rome’s private schools, she was cast in the Greek Theater in Siracusa, as part of the Chorus of Sophocles’ Electra. This was the drive she needed to try and enroll in the official theater, She thus arrived at the Teatro Stabile di Genova, encouraged by Gabriella Ravazzi, the school’s legendary singing teacher. 

An independent spirit, after three years at the Stabile she left Genoa to meet great masters such as Tierry Salmon and Anatolij Vassiliev, attending the international MA Acting course Ecôle des Maîtres and Le lingue del Teatro. 

Her determination was boosted by a special mention at the Hystrio-Montegrotto Award for vocation and by representing the Scuola di Genova at the Lina Volonghi theater competition for young actresses.

In the meantime, she began to land important theater works: with Antonio Calenda at INDA, Giorgio Albertazzi at Bagni di Lucca, Marco Sciaccaluga and Alfredo Arias at the Teatro Stabile in Genoa, Barbara Nativi at Laboratorio9, Katie Mitchell at the Piccolo in Milan, and Alessandro Fabrizi in Rome. It was a period of great creativity and satisfaction.

In 1999 she moved to Los Angeles. For seven years she remained in the United States, where she continued to work in theater, cinema, television and voice acting. She received rave reviews for her performance as Madame in Genet’s The Maids, and a nomination for Best Actress at the MethodFest in Los Angeles for Evelin Longo’s short film Tremors. Meanwhile, she perfected her acting skills at the long-established Beverly Hills Playhouse, where she studied with Jocelyn Jones, Richard Lawson and Milton Katselas. She also took the opportunity to refine her American by studying the standard accent with Bob Corff, as well as the French and Eastern European accents.

Once back in Italy, she soon resumed to work in theater. For two years she co-starred on stage with Ottavia Piccolo directed by Sergio Fantoni; in Syracuse she featured in Euripides’ Antigone directed by Cristina Pezzoli; she also played Baby’s mother Baby’s mother in the original Italian version of Dirty Dancing-The Classic Story on Stage. In the meantime she started a solo career, staging her own plays. She writes and performs Un cottage tutto per sé, invited to New York at the IN SCENA! festival; followed by MILF-Mamma Insegnami La Felicità, which premiered at the Festival Inventaria 2019; Nella Rete, finalist at the InDivenire award in Rome.

Recently, she finally played her first Shakespearean role, the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet, and her first Pinter’s character, Melissa in Party Time.

In the meantime, her appearances in film and television have increased. Since her debut in Heaven directed by Tom Tykwer, who also cast her in The International, she has starred in the American movie Galatea and the Israelian My Little Family. Since her LA days, Natalia participates with great enthusiasm in the work of students or new graduates of film academies (Tremors, Something in the dark, Il confronto, Il padre di famiglia), the future’s great talents. In Italy she played roles in several TV series and films.

In 2020, she is among the leads of Così è (o mi pare), a virtual reality project directed by and starring Elio Germano, who cast her in the role of Amalia, his sister. The film, to be seen with the aid of VR visors, premiered at the Roma Europa Festival with six sold-out performances.

She was cast for a role in the Netflix new project The Old Guard, starring Charlize Theron


Many are the stories that Natalia wants to tell and share. Since 2013, she has therefore started a parallel activity as a playwright. She is so passionate about writing that she finds herself writing not only for herself but also for others, as in the case of her plays written for the Associazione Teatro Dieghesis.

Many are the satisfactions achieved with her plays in these years: Nella Rete, awarded a Special Mention at the Mario Fratti Award 2020 in New York; Romolo Reloaded, finalist at the ATCL In Viva Voce award; Quando ci regalarono una scuola, sponsored in theater by the Jewish Community of Rome; Cinque vite, una storia, commissioned by five tango teachers for the centenary of Astor Piazzolla’s birth.

Voice over

During her US years, she worked as a voiceover artist for many movies dubbed for airlines. She eventually became the main female voice of E! Entertainment Italia, conducting live entertainment formats together with Luciano Palermi, translating and live covering the Award shows and Red Carpets, like the Golden Globes, the Academy Awards, the BAFTA Awards and the Emmy Awards. For the Michael Jackson Trial, Natalia, amongst other characters, voiced the only sentence spoken by the famous artist during those long months.

One of the jobs she has enjoyed recently is interpreting all the characters in the Big Band cartoon, based on the comic strip Big – Bambini In Gamba by V. Sedini and F. Trabacchi.

Back in Italy, she lent her voice to various projects: documentaries, commercials, audiobooks. She is voice of the leading mother character in the short film Reduci by Francesco Pascucci and she was cast as the voice of both English and Italian characters in the audiobook and App Mythological Monsters.

She enthusiastically participated in the recording of videos and voice-overs for the outpatient gynecology clinic of the Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli IRCCS, to raise awareness about the treatment of disorders related to all women’s pathologies.


Some credits

Infinity / Elio Germano 


Lucky Red, Rai Cinema / E. Falcone 


Cross Production, Rai Fiction/ S. Lodovichi

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